Fantome sau iluzii optice? Filmul cu fantoma din magazin via youtube

Fantome sau  iluzii optice? Filmul cu fantoma din magazin via youtube

Poveste reala cu o fantoma adevarata?

Nu e o  joaca de a fantomele.

Fenomenul aparent inexplicabil a fost surprins de camerele de supraveghere ale unui Mall din Chile si, la o prima vedere, pare a fi cea mai clara imagine filmata a unei fantome.

Secventele filmate cu fantomatica aparitie nu au mai mult de 36 de secunde, dar ele au facut deja inconjurul lumii dupa ce au fost postate pe internet.

Greu de spus daca este iluzie optica, trucaj sau realitate pura!

The 2ft tall floating phantom figure appears in the bottom right of the screen after a male shopper exits a room to the top left. It makes its way across the busy concourse and seems to head for the same door the man has just passed through. The amazing 36-second tape was taken in a shopping mall in Chile, South America, and surfaced on the internet 06/04/09. It is alleged that the tiny greyish phenomenon is the ghost of a small local boy.

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